All About Us


We love the RV lifestyle.   Stephen and I love kayak sailing, exploring, videography, photography, music-making and Art – both creating it and looking at it.
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Britt specializes her coaching expertise on the intense relationships that occur with the RV lifestyle. No one talks about what it’s going to be like living in a very small space together, as well as the necessity to work as a team when RVing. One person drives and the other navigates. One person gets the inside ready to move while the other prepares the outside of the rig. Over and over you work together to fulfill the dream of being on the road and having adventures.

Britt’s a Certified Life Coach but more importantly, she’s a life partner. Her history has given her the perfect resume to guide couples through the challenges of life on the road to the JOY that comes with sharing this wild crazy adventure with your best friend.

Britt and Stephen’s first time of living together in a small space was many years ago. They lived in Japan for a year in about 100 sq. ft. and loved the simplicity and the esthetic of living small.  After that experience, and a few others, they started selling Britt’s artwork at Art Shows all across the country in one RV situation or another. They worked side by side as a team, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Sometimes they actually set up a studio in the RV, other times a temporary studio in different locations – a true gypsy life.

Needless to say, over all these years they’ve been butting heads and getting clear on how to “be” together, they’ve become sort of expert on the subject!  The work they’ve done of achieving harmony in their relationship feeds their RV life in a way nothing else can.

RV couples who enjoy relationship harmony face all the daily challenges that this lifestyle presents with much more equanimity. All the amazing experiences that are right outside your RV door are appreciated so much more when you do them with a companion you enJOY!