Full time RVing – Remember to play!


Camping is a playful act.  Remember camping out in the backyard for a moment.  Isn’t that the feeling we’re trying to recapture when we choose full time RVing?

My last post was about having a sense of humor. How is that different than playfulness?  Playful people, in my opinion, go beyond seeing the funny part of life, they actively create opportunities to have fun!

We got in our coach yesterday, ready to drive the leg from Denver to Colorado Springs, and the coach wouldn’t start!  Our first major breakdown in this over 6,000 mile odyssey.  What to do?  Fortunately, we had electricity where we were, so we called mobile repair.  Unfortunately, there was no water spigot, and we ran out of water.  Choice point.  Feel inconvenienced and annoyed, or, create a sense of playfulness. 

Playfulness and creativity are very close cousins.   Whenever an activity calls on your creativity, you are playful. How to use the toilet?  How do I make my coffee?   Pretty soon I’m in a whole new mindset, and I’m back to being a little girl playing “house.” Did you play this game with your friends?  I found my sense of humor about the situation.  Then I started to think, what else could I do to have even more fun?  Could I get out my paints and take advantage of this downtime?  You get the idea.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old,

we grow old because we stop playing.”  George Bernard Shaw



An essential definition of being playful is not taking things too seriously in life.

Digging even further, I looked at synonyms for playful.  Here is just a handful.  Energetic, lively, spirited, spunky, vivacious, lighthearted.

And here’s some antonyms of playful.  Grave, grim, serious, solemn.


Some people are just naturally playful.  Stephen will break out into silly faces or dance at the drop of a hat.  He has lots of fun with word plays too.  He amazes me at how much fun he’s having in life!  I need a sense of safety and relaxation, and then my playfulness reveals itself.  With Stephen, my trust is high. I’m confident I won’t be humiliated in some way by opening myself up and being playful.

RVing has helped me build this trust because at the same time as we’re having new experiences together, we’re becoming better partners in life.  That spells trust which leads to playfulness.  Few things breed intimacy as much as playfulness.

So consider yourself fortunate.  You’ve chosen to live in a way that naturally enhances your sense of play.  Were you ever in a marital rut?  When we repeat daily routines, over and over, we lose our sense of wonder, excitement, and joy.   Did that happen to you?

I bet wonder, excitement, and joy are all qualities you wanted to introduce into your life when you adopted full time rving.  This lifestyle is made to order for bringing them back into your relationship.  A change of scenery, sleeping in, exploring a new place, these things change you.  And, they change your conversations with each other.  Your life is fresher, livelier.  Read more here.

Yes, we are experiencing some adversity right now. As I said before in my post How’s Your Sense of Humor, stuff happens.  I know I want to be a more playful person.  So, when a stressful situation presents itself now, I ask, “How can I make this more fun?  Sometimes it even works!

The only reason to pursue this state of fun is to feel more alive.  And isn’t that why we all chose to go full time RVing?  What fun can you have today?  Go make some funny faces in the mirror and see what happens. What do you and your partner do when you play?  I’d really like to know.

Since Niagara Falls (which was amazing), I celebrated my birthday by photographing grafitti in Detroit.  Then we had to get a part replaced in Elkhart, Indiana.  Then, it was a quick run to Denver to see one grandson.  Now sitting in Colorado Springs to enjoy another grandsons football game.  It’s the last one we will see before he goes off to play at a college next year.  Can’t wait to see him play.



5 thoughts on “Full time RVing – Remember to play!

  1. While I certainly agree that play and wonder bring something to life, it’s the struggle IN THE MOMENT of the problem or breakdown that seems to do me in. When the proverbial “excrement hits the rotating propeller” my first reaction is not “how can I turn this into play?” It’s generally a lot more pithy and that has consequences. So the question I ask is this – what’s the lag time between the problem and the choice to play? Has it increased for you?

    • It varies. When Stephen crunched the ladder at the back end of the coach it took me a day to quit hating him and get a better attitude! I don’t think I ever hit the “play” mark on that one. Seriously though, yes, I think my intention to roll more with the punches has given me more freedom from totally freaking out. This lifestyle seems to have more challenges as well as gifts so I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. A work in progress always and I’m sorry if I made it sound like I was there all the time. That one example happened the day I was writing my blog and I did, if I have to say so myself, handle it with a bit of grace! My desire was to remind us all that it’s possible to take the steering wheel and make some choices when the you know what hits the you know what.

  2. Great thoughts. As I sit here with a leak in my gas tank that I paid over $1,100 to have fixed before we left on our 12 state trip, it was time for cream. I had him drive me to the Piggly Wiggly (yes some are still open) to pick up a container. Found two little one scoop servings, came back to T.V. and downed both! Didn’t really help the situation, but it was tasty going down. We are going to trudge on to our final stop for the winter, I have family in the area so I am hoping for assistance. All I can hope is the drip, drip, drop won’t cost a huge amount before we can return home at the end of April.

    • The hurdles can be high and seem insurmountable – especially to or emotional balance. I have a self soothing phrase that helps sometimes. I say to myself “poor sweet baby!” I guess it’s a momentary pity party but I feel like it lets me have a few moments to recognize just how challenged I feel by a situation. So sorry for your troubles and hope things get better.

    • Sometimes it feels like the world is against you and you’ll never get your head above water again. That’s really annoying to pay for something and not have it be fixed. And, you are down the road so can’t take it back to the same person who supposedly fixed it. Ice cream is a great temporary fix to all situations I believe. In fact, I’m going to go have some right now! Thanks for sharing. Hope this is a place we can all be real with each other as well as lift each other up.

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