Thoughts on Impermanence

Impermanence. Is that what drives each of us to travel the highways and byways of the Americas? Even these rock formations are forever changing.  For us, now in our 70’s, the fact that there’s way less road out in front of us than behind us, informs our every moment. In a way, I count this as lucky. Why would that be? If you haven’t experienced life from the vantage point of finiteness you haven’t really lived.

But really, I think RVers on some level are in touch with the temporary nature of it all. We eschew rootedness. Hmmm. Most people are scurrying to become more rooted and that is fine. I wonder more and more what drives us towards a different way to experience our lives. Maybe you do too.

It’s been a massive undertaking for us and, I would assume, for most RVers on the road, to steer our lives towards this adventure and break free from all the ties that bind us to a place. Pulling up roots is wrenching and our ability to persevere, in spite of the difficulties of doing so, is admirable!

I wonder if the DNA of RVers is more closely linked to primitive nomadic peoples! I often say to myself that I have gypsy blood, but that seems ludicrous since I’m from Norwegian stock. The idea of Stephen and I co-creating our life as we see fit without critique or judgment by those who choose a more conventional lifestyle is liberating and enormously creative. This is probably the number one reason I’ve been drawn to the lifestyle. I’d be very interested in hearing from you what calls you to this life beyond the desire for new experiences and more freedom (which I think we all share).

Perhaps, because I’m an artist, I look out the huge picture windows of our coach – riding high above it all, and I revel in the beauty of the land. I can do this for hours! This moment happens and then the next and the next – the view ever changing. Traveling the roads is a great time to just sit back and enjoy. No chores to be done, no demands on my time, just the ever-changing countryside just rolling by out my window reminding me again of impermanence.

We are at our “base camp” right now here in Corrales NM until July 3rd. Our big adventure for this summer and fall will be visiting the Canadian Maritimes. A couple years ago we traveled up through Washington to Canada’s western coast and the Vancouver area. It was so beautiful, and, of course, anytime I’m on the road, I’m in my happy place. We came back into the U.S. from Canada at Glacier and enjoyed many wonderful moments of kayak sailing, hiking and being tourists in this magical national park. You haven’t seen mountains until you’ve seen those in Glacier. As a Colorado girl for many years, I was surrounded by the Rocky Mountains so I was no stranger to the beauty of the mountains. Still, my encounter with this National Park left me breathless!

Our trip to the other coast will be much longer. For one thing, it’s about twice the distance – about 3,000 miles Our plan is to drive about 250 miles every couple days, enjoying the getting there as much as the being there.

Again, one of the blessings of aging is not knowing when our road time together will come to a screeching halt, be it by illness, death or some other unknown element. Our motto is to live each day together as if it’s our last in this lifestyle. The rewards of this thinking are immense! Think about it. What’s the hurry?

So as you go about your day today, reflect on your own impermanence and you too will experience the exquisite sensations available to us when we savor each moment.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Impermanence

  1. Great job on your web page and focus on a new aspect of RV-ing, you guys!

    Mike and I have been extraordinarily lucky at getting along while on the road (unlike our luck at renting movies we’ll both enjoy!!). Where we’re lucky is in that we have very similar values, and high on our lists of values is a huge need for freedom. Huge! I’d never even camped before until I met Mike, and we headed out with a group of friends, none of us well-equipped, into the Adirondacks in autumn, where, of course, it rained a cold rain. And I had a fabulous time and couldn’t wait to do it again. So that works.

    Each of us very genuinely wants the other to be happy, and we accommodate for the other at times in order to make that happen. We do not always like the same activities, but neither of us gets bored, particularly, and if one of us is finding something important to explore, we each know 100% that we have the support of the other. And it is reciprocal. No one gets left out.

    The issues we have at home are the issues we take on the road, no doubt about that. Mike is more the extrovert and I am more the hermit. When we get tangled up, it generally involves how much we want to involve ourselves in the more casual social boundaries of living on the road. And we try to make that reciprocal, too, because it works best. Neither one of us would trade this experience for anything we can think of, and we often look at each other and tell each other that we are lucky, very lucky, to have this time in our lives.

  2. What really stuck out to me in reading your article was the word nomadic. Everyday can be a struggle for me to stay in one place and not follow the calling inside of me that wants to live in harmony with the cycles of the earth and experience life on a completely different level than I can access from the city and being rooted. Those are the experiences that nurture me and the lack of them make me feel empty and substituting something else to try and fill that void.

    • Lance I really get what you are saying. It is a calling that seems relentless. Are you able to take flight at this time? If not, hopefully you can put a plan in place for releasing yourself. I have a great resource that can really help in planning your escape if you are interested. I so understand that feeling in your gut. I am happiest when on the road and right now have to be stationery for another month and a half. You know what I miss most? Waking up and seeing a new scene out my window! It lifts my spirit and I feel free.

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