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Like two cranes flying over the Bosque del Apache in New Mexico, Stephen and I have been flying side by side for almost 40 years.  We’ve worked together as a team seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

We love the RV lifestyle because of the opportunities to engage in all the activities we enjoy like kayak sailing, exploring, videography, photography, music-making and Art (both creating it and looking at it).  And we especially love it for the unique possibilities it has presented us for high levels of intimacy in our relationship.

Our first time of living together in a small space happened many years ago when we lived in Japan for a year in about 100 sq. ft.  We found we loved the simplicity and the esthetic of living small.  

After that experience, and a few others, we started selling my work as a clothing designer at Art Shows all across the country, traveling in one RV situation or another.  Stephen backed me up and I produced.  He drove and basically did the selling once we were set up at an art show.  Two people with one job to accomplish.  

Sometimes we used our RV as a studio as well as our home, other times we created a temporary studio in different locations – a true gypsy life.  Needless to say, lots of “working it out” (my words for arguing) took place over those years.  Our best conversations about how to get along often happened while looking out at the road together!

Over all those years of butting heads and getting clear on how to “be” together, we think we’ve become sort of experts on the subject!  The work we’ve done of achieving harmony in our relationship feeds our RV life in a way nothing else can. RV couples who enjoy relationship harmony, we think, face all the daily challenges our lifestyle presents with much more equanimity. 

We hope our efforts to be transparent about our relationship contribute to your enjoyment of the lifestyle we share with you, life on the road!  All the amazing experiences that are right outside your RV door are appreciated so much more when you do them with a companion you enJOY!


  1. Enrique Salazar Baker

    Hello – this is Enrique from Terlingua. It was great talking and meeting you. Take care and have a great day.

    • rvharmony

      Hello Enrique! So great to hear from you. I had a couple other videos to edit ahead of your but I am about to start on yours and very excited to share your story. Hope you are doing well. I’ll contact you as soon as the video is ready to be viewed.


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