Relationship Coaching

Sometimes you just want to hear yourself think out loud and be heard and that’s all that’s needed or wanted.  Then, there’s those times when just the right reflection back to you can make all the difference.  

As a certified Life Coach, I can be that support to lean on as you figure things out on your RV journey with your partner.

I specialize in the intense relationships that occur with the RV lifestyle. No one talks about what it’s going to be like living in a very small space together, as well as the necessity to work as a team when RVing. One person drives and the other navigates. One person gets the inside ready to move while the other prepares the outside of the rig. Over and over you work together to fulfill the dream of being on the road and having adventures.

I’m a Relationship Coach but, more importantly, I’m a life partner. Our life on the road as well as my coaching background give me the perfect resume for guiding couples through the challenges of life on the road.  I can support you in finding the JOY that comes with sharing this wild crazy adventure with your best friend.

Together we can:

  • Identify underlying relationship patterns that don’t serve your goal of enjoying each other as you live a life of adventure on the road.
  • Explore what your hopes and dreams are for your relationship and work towards accomplishing those goals.

I’m flexible.  Want to schedule a one hour conversation?  No problem. I’m available to be of service, long or short term, depending on your needs.  We can use “Zoom” a type of Skype), or simply a phone conversation to be connected.  

Fee is $60 for a one hour consultation.  An adjustable fee can be worked out if you would like weekly sessions.  Simply contact me through the form below.  I look forward to talking with you.

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