Build Your Teamwork Muscle

Teamwork makes the journey fun.  We all went through a phase of enjoying parallel play when we were very little.  I for one still enjoy doing a project side by side just like a child.

Full time RV living couples need to build teamwork muscles.   Big challenges (like a major problem with the rig) with high stress, WILL present themselves.  When this happens, it’s good to have a teamwork groove already in place for working together to solve the problem.

One of the ways we team it and develop our groove, is our pre-flight checklist.  Here’s a video of us doing our checklist together.  We go through this ritual every single day that we move our RV.



There is nothing I like better than watching couples work as a team.  You see it often in the RV lifestyle.  There are so many tasks that need a check and recheck of systems.  It may seem like you could do the task alone but there are other gains to be had by doing them with your partner.  Like I said at the beginning, you are creating a structure for how to work together in harmony.  In a previous post, I speak at length about creating harmony.  Visit here

At first, it might seem jarring when you try and cooperate at something like backing up the RV or attaching a toad.  Slowly, you begin to understand and rely on each others “how to” signals.  Pretty soon you are feeling like a well-oiled machine!

Teamwork is really at the core of any relationship.  We select a partner and begin to build a life of mutual interdependence.  Full time RV living is a perfect way to develop the skills needed to experience the joys of partnership and teamwork.

Earlier in our life together Stephen and I collaborated on creating sculptures.  We would both have input into what best expressed what a particular piece needed.  It was interesting to me because it wasn’t just my expression or his expression but that of an invisible entity.  Us.  We start a relationship hoping to create an “us” and life on the road is a great way to explore your “us-ness”!

Here’s a link to a website with tips for enhancing your Full time RV living experience with your partner. 

1. The importance of sacrifice: The best way to get the most from a relationship is to take pleasure in giving. Although people are naturally selfish, they also get enjoyment when they cause joy in another human being. Giving isn’t always about physical gifts, it’s also about giving in sometimes to the wishes of your partner. This requires sacrifice on your part.

2. Work with your strengths: This is very important if you’re living together or are married. When deciding how to split up the tasks, let the person who is best at the job do it. It only makes sense since that person will do the work more quickly and effortlessly. No two people are exactly the same and will have their own strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses should be put to use for the benefit of the relationship.

3. Maintain a positive outlook: You must have optimism if you are going to take on the challenges of life. Pessimism only makes problems seem even harder and sucks the motivation right out of you. It’s also contagious and weakens your partner as well.

4. Don’t compete with you partner: Always remember that you’re a team. What’s good for the relationship is also good for you. If you’re naturally competitive, remind yourself that it isn’t just you against the world, it’s you and your partner against the rest of the world. Your strengths should complete each others.

Teamwork is necessary for relationship where the members have a common goal. When it comes to the romantic relationship, it also involves the interpersonal facts, which sometimes involves more collaboration. Being a couple means partnership. Partnership means Teamwork!

Do you and your husband work well as a team or do you tend to do your own thing independently? How has this affected your RVing relationship?  I’d also love to hear how you’ve developed as a team because of RVing.

By the time you read this, we will be launched finally on our Canadian adventure.  Stay tuned for all our travel experiences and relationship challenges along the way!