So I’ve been wondering lately, how’s your RV Relationship going?  I ask because I get very little feedback and I can’t help but wonder if there are challenges you’re facing that I haven’t covered yet.

We are so excited to be attending the Xcapers annual bash on BLM land outside Winterhaven California with about 150 other RVers this week.  Did I say Winterhaven?  Not exactly a winter haven this week.  Just a few days ago I had packed all my winter coats and heavy blankets under the bed.  It was 70 degrees out and beautiful.  For the last few days, it’s been extremely bitter because of constant winds.  Ugh.  Needless to say, winter coats and blankets came back out of storage.  But the event itself is fun and Monday night was karaoke and Stephen was looking forward to participating.  The BLM land where the bash is located is near an old mine shaft called American Girl.  Don’t you wonder how it got its name? I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it.  I wandered up there and took a  picture today. I hear some campers went inside but I’m not that adventurous.  


American Girl Mine


I’ve been writing about our experiences as RVers and how it relates to our relationship for about eight months now.  The learning curve is definitely different than any other lifestyle and can be quite steep.  I’ve used my own relationship as a petri dish and I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible as we’ve learned to live our life in a way that enhances our daily interactions. What I’ve come to know is that there’s indeed light at the end of the tunnel!  It’s the brightest and possibly the best light our relationship has ever known. Hopefully, I’ve laid some groundwork about navigating some of the potholes that occur. And, now I’m ready to turn my searchlight outward and hear how it’s been going for other RVers.


We are all on the road because we want to live our truest and best lives.  I think RVers are the kind of people who are bold about finding their own answers to life’s challenges.  We are, by nature, a creative group and I know each of you have found your own unique way to enjoy the company of your traveling companion. 

To that end, I’ve been accumulating lists of questions to ask those who enjoy an RV Relationship.  My curiosity runs deep when it comes to how other couples are doing and what experiences they are having as they learn to enjoy the RV life together.

Here are some of the questions that have come up for me:

*  Do you remember the first time you had the thought “we are in this together,” and we’d better figure out how to be each other’s best friend.

*  Have you found yourself becoming allies more than opponents in your RV relationship?  Has this lifestyle changed the way you relate as partners?  Many things can go wrong in our travels.  Some of the many challenges we face on the road are things like financial hiccups and breakdowns to name a few.  Give an example of how RVing has built your teamwork muscle.   

*  Resilience is the ability to bounce back when you have experienced something stressful.  When two people are facing a difficulty together, there are likely to be different rates of recovery from the stress.  What have you learned about being resilient in the face of adversity while leaving space for each person’s unique style?

*  Out of nowhere a collision of egos can occur in our daily life.  How are you and your partner navigating these potholes in your relationship road?  What have you learned doesn’t work when it comes to moving past disagreements?

How have you used this “gift of time” of being together on the road to create a more loving, fulfilling relationship with each other?  Basically, has the quality of your relationship changed and if so, how?

Enjoying each others company is often related to humor.  I’m curious.  How many times a day are you laughing together about the vagaries of life?  Do you enjoy each other’s sense of humor and have a healthy sense of play?

Finally, what is the biggest benefit you have experienced in your RV relationship because you started RVing?

While I have the opportunity to get to meet so many other RVers here at the Xcaper bash, I hope to find a few couples willing to be interviewed on camera about some of their experiences as RVers negotiating a relationship to answer these questions.  Stay tuned for their answers!

It would mean a lot to me if you picked one of these questions and share your answer with all of us.  Also, I’ve just created a facebook page where we can have what I hope will be dynamic conversations about the relationship challenges and triumphs we experience.  Would love for you to join me.  Go to:  RV Living – The Relationship Adventure.