I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this: the RV lifestyle has a very good possibility of waking us up.  So much life energy is consumed in stick and brick living with stuff – organizing it, keeping it clean, getting more of it – you know the drill.  As an RVer, though, life becomes focused on experiences, and that includes the people we meet.  When we are at our home base, we host other RVers, offering them a place to stay through Boondockers Welcome. I can’t think of a better way to create RV Harmony.

This blog is about Harmony and the relationships we have while living the RV life.  Harmony is an interesting word because at it’s most basic definition it means “living together peacefully.”    Some synonyms are accord, agreement, friendship, fellowship, rapport. 

Crossing paths and sharing a few days with people I would never have any reason to get to know changes me for the better.  My world is expanded by these encounters.  I’m always surprised how quickly a feeling of being in accord and experiencing how much more we are alike as human beings can happen when we open up to each other – especially around a campfire.  There must be something very primal in us about sitting in a circle in the dark of night over a blazing fire (even if it does happen to be propane)!


This is Stephen’s classic humor style


We just got back from our travels for a brief stay at our home base at the end of March.  We’ve had two couples boondock with us in that short time.  Our first RV couple were from Canada.  We spent one enjoyable evening with them sharing stories and getting to know each other.


Gary and Dorit


Our second couple arrived earlier this week and stayed three days – giving us a chance for some in- depth sharing.  Gary and Dorit are from Israel and are touring America for one year.  They’ll be going back to Israel in September, and the last leg of their journey will be up to Alaska!

We loved hearing about America from their point of view.  Also, I was curious what it felt like moving around in the kind of space America has to offer. 

I didn’t realize that Israel is about the size of New Jersey.  Dorit shared that it was about 8 miles across Israel in the narrow part where they live!  I asked Doris what it felt like to be in such a big country as ours and she responded that for the first time in her life she felt free.  I felt proud that our country could offer that perspective.  The size of America and our ability to create a lifestyle out of exploring it and all its unique spaces was something I just took for granted.  You never know when you will be offered a different perspective on life and an opportunity for gratitude.

One of my questions was about how the cloud of war affects their national character.  Gary shared they’re an assertive people who speak their minds with each other.  One of the ways I envied their experience was the tight-knit feeling they shared with their neighbors.  As he shared stories, I realized there are personal qualities that the people of Israel possess because of their history, and many seemed very positive.  I asked how that kind of daily stress over years and years affects the nation and, unfortunately, he reported that heart disease rates are very high.

Our experiences both as hosts here at our home base and as guests of other RVers while on the road, are some of the richest and most memorable of our RV life.

Boondocking hosts are always so welcoming and always add up to that feeling of RV Harmony.  I think they know that most of our road experiences can be isolating and it’s like being welcomed into a strangers home!  The best part, though, is that you each have your own home and privacy.   For a brief span of time, the host offers what can feel like shelter in a storm of anonymity.

As you can see, my definition of RV Harmony has enlarged.

I’ve just begun a whole new series of videos on my brand new Youtube channel called RV Stories – People and Places.    

Before I became an RVer, I was a Personal Historian and helped people document their life stories as a legacy to leave their families.  This new channel gives me a chance to do something else I love (besides talking about relationships),  and that is interviewing and eliciting people’s stories.

Everyone wants to be seen and sharing peoples stories gives me great joy. I hope you’ll consider following my new channel and meet for yourself these interesting people in small town America.

I’m looking forward to this new page in my pursuit of RV Harmony.