RV Living Changes You

RV Harmony is not only about our relationship with our traveling partners but with ourselves.  I’ve learned a lot from this lifestyle, and I was curious whether others had the same experience.  So, once again I polled the Facebook groups for some help with this question.  I was more than delighted to learn that indeed, significant personal growth is an outcome of the RV lifestyle.  RV living changes you.

The question I put to the groups was this:  “I’m interested in the ways you’ve grown since being an RVer.  Has your character been changed in some way? I know I’ve become much more patient. Please elaborate on how RVing has changed you.”

I thought there would be a lot of commonality in how people experience their expansion.  There was some, but responding RVers reported experiencing growth across a whole range of character traits.

Here are a few responses that touched me:

One person wrote:

“We are more free in so many ways. But most of all It’s allowed us to fill our soul with giving back. When we worked full time, we never had the time to give back to people in need. Not just money, but time. As I write this, we are heading down to TX to volunteer our time in the cleanup efforts. Our motto now is “Live Simply. Give More. Expect Less.” And that’s what we’ve been able to do since we went full time. I don’t know if I can say “RVing has changed me” because I have always been one to want to give back. But RVing has allowed me the time and freedom to live a deliberate and full life that I chose. Without the distraction of stuff, or so many other things that held us back in the traditional “normal” American life.”

Julie Bennett replied:

 “I love how RVing has opened our eyes and minds to the many different ways people live and the different views and opinions around the country – each state can be like going to another country! It has definitely made me more understanding of other people and their ideas and opinions; even if I don’t agree with them; so I guess increased tolerance, compassion and understanding is one way I’ve changed.”

Another person said:

 “I’ve become a much better problem-solver. And I freak out a lot less. When something happens – and something is always happening – we work as a team to evaluate, trouble-shoot, and (usually) solve. I am working to be “go with the flow” and more flexible. I’m getting better. I also trust our rig a lot more now that we have gotten to know it for five months (we bought it used and moved in to travel full time right away).

What follows is a list of other qualities that fellow RVers attribute directly to the experience of embracing the lifestyle:

  • Better at not planning – flying by the seat of my pants
  • Happy with what I have and doing without
  • More Adventurous
  • Have learned to slow down and enjoy life
  • I’m more social and now enjoy meeting new people
  • I’ve learned to live in the moment
  • Laughing at myself
  • More grateful
  • Learned to trust serendipity/go with the flow
  • Appreciation for downsizing/loving minimalism
  • Enhanced ability to enjoy the simple life
  • Experience more closeness with my husband
  • Embracing solitude
  • Becoming more adaptable
  • Grown in my ability to be flexible/respond to the moment
  • I can self-soothe in a stressful situation
  • How to budget
  • More creative
  • Connecting with nature
  • Have become a better problem solver
  • The value of teamwork
  • More optimistic
  • Growing self confidence  
  • What a great list.  I relate to every single comment. 

What is it about RVing that stretches us beyond our comfortable selves? 

Almost every day there is some challenge to be met; be it finding a route to our destination, coping with repairs, learning to live together in a small space – on and on the list goes.  BUT, at the same time, the rewards are tremendous.  Time for reflection, charting our own course in life, and don’t forget the sunrises and sunsets!

Could you say as RVers we are living life more intensely?That’s how it feels to me.  What do you think?